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30 years of specialist aquatics excellence, a multi award winning retailer with stores in Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, and East Yorkshire.

Lincolnshire Store

Woodthorpe - Alford

The UK's largest indoor aquatics centre

The Lincolnshire site was the first of our stores, established in 1989. It moved to its current location from a smaller old farm building in the same village in 2000. The shop currently resides in a 30,000sqft aircraft hangar, making it the largest indoor aquatic centre in the country. It is fairly equidistant from Grimsby, Lincoln, Skegness and Boston, and lies on the B1373 between Louth, Alford and Mablethorpe. There is a comprehensive range of livestock and aquatic products held in stock, from many of the industries top manufacturers. 


Over 90 aquariums of marine livestock, containing anything from fish and shrimp, to hard and soft corals. Supplying products from TMC, Redsea, Eco-Marine, Evolution Aqua, Bubble Magus, Deltec, Vitalis, Kessil and many, may more. Click below to find out more.


70+ vivariums and terrariums of reptiles, amphibians and inverts. Holding a complete range of livestock and dry goods, including lizards and snakes, tortoises and turtles, insects and spiders as well as frogs, toads and salamanders. Find out more by following the link below.

Water garden-pond

The Lincs store has 80+ vats of livestock for the pond, including koi and sturgeon. There is also a vast range of water features and fountains, as well as an additional pond plant area in the poly tunnels outside. That combined with a massive range of pumps, filters and accessories makes it a must visit for the avid pond keeper.


In excess of 200 tanks of freshwater aquarium livestock, community, oddball, Malawi and invert, there is something for every tank. Main stockists for brands such as JBL, Fluval, Juwel, Aquaone, Interpet as well as many more. Click below for more information.


Lincs aquatics is a family owned independent aquatics centre, which has been offering a personal, expert service to its local customers for almost three decades. Helpful friendly staff, expert advice and a huge product range at the best prices, that's the Lincs aquatics service.

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To contact our Lincolnshire branch, please use the details below.


Lincs Aquatics, Hangar 1,

Woodthorpe, Alford,

Lincolnshire, LN13 0DD,


01507 451 000

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