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30 years of specialist aquatics excellence, a multi award winning retailer with stores in Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, and East Yorkshire.

Lincs Aquatics Lincolnshire 

Reptiles and Exotics 

At our Lincolnshire branch we have over 70 tanks, terrariums and vivariums of reptiles and exotic livestock, ranging from stick insects ideal for first pets, to snakes, chameleons and tortoises, and everything in between. We are always striving to bring different and interesting animals in to our stores, and have close relationships with our breeders in Europe, where we collect most of our livestock from. We are particularly well known for our planted bioactive terrariums, ideal for chameleons and dart frog set ups, and stock all the relevant equipment for setting these tanks up. From plants and substrate, fresh weekly deliveries of live insects and frozen foods, to the newest LED lighting. We are constantly expanding our product lines to hopefully offer something for every reptile keeper.

Some brands we stock

  • Zoo Med
  • Exo Terra
  • Monkfield
  • BiOrb
  • Pet Expert
  • Callington
  • Nutrobal
  • Repashy
  • Verm-X
  • Vetark
  • Lucky Reptile
  • Viv Exotic
  • Prorep
  • Habistat
  • White Python
  • JBL
  • Arcadia

Happy Customers

Just collected some pygmy chameleons today from here well worth the hour and half drive as staff so nice friendly and helpful. Great selection of dry goods and animals and the fish section is ace too, will be visiting again soon thank you guys. 

Mr M F, Facebook

Fantastic service this weekend. We went with my son to get a ball python and all the set up. The staff were very knowledgeable and friendly. They went through everything with us. We now have a new member of the household... phoebe the snake!!

Ms F A, Facebook

Meet the team-


Stu has been at Lincs Aquatics since 2014 and is the head of our Reptile department. He has been keeping Reptiles for most of his life, and has a decade of experience in the industry. Stu goes out to Germany several times a year to meet up with our breeders and collect livestock. This close relationship with our suppliers helps to make sure we get the healthiest and best animals available, and the widest possible selection. If you want some advice on any aspect of reptile or exotic invert keeping, then Stu is the man to talk to.