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30 years of specialist aquatics excellence, a multi award winning retailer with stores in Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, and East Yorkshire.

Lincs Aquatics Lincolnshire  Marine and Reef

At our Lincolnshire branch we have over 90 tanks of livestock, ranging from fish ideal for beginners, to SPS and LPS hard corals, and everything in between. We are always striving to keep up with advances in the hobby, and constantly review our suppliers to make sure we are offering the most recent equipment, and newest supplements.  The reef side of the shop has seen a massive refurbishment this year, with the addition of three huge new coral tables, and loads of new lines of dry goods, which include some of the most up to date equipment on the market.

Some brands we stock

  • Red Sea
  • Bubble Magus
  • Deltec
  • D&D H2Ocean
  • TMC
  • Evolution Aqua
  • Aqua One
  • Aqua Forrest
  • Ecotech Marine
  • Vitalis
  • Instant Ocean
  • Seachem
  • Nyos

Happy Customers

Ordered a few bits from here, including a Red Sea reefer 525xl, which they delivered free of charge ( even tho I live 80miles away) would highly recommend to anyone with a wide range of fish both inside and out 5**** well done 

Ms E S, Facebook

It's truly the best in the area, never see dead or sickly fish and the staff are always friendly. I'm always spoilt for choice when I go and the size of the place is amazing!

Ms J S, Facebook

Meet the team-


Austin has been at Lincs Aquatics since 2016 and is the head of our marine department. He has been keeping fish for most of his life, and is particularly interested in the coral side of the hobby, and is also a keen diver. If you want some advice on marine products, or improving your water quality, then feel free to ask.