Trace Elements

Trace elements for use in the reef aquarium.


Aquaforest Components Strong (4x75ml bottles)

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Aquaforest Components Strong (4x75ml bottles) Component A StrongThe component contains concentrated strontium and barium. The amount of strontium and barium depends on requirements for magnesium and calcium. 5 ml should be added to 1 litre of ready solution of...

Aquaforest Iron

Aquaforest Iron Aquaforest Iron Supplement contains concentrated iron. Iron is an important micronutrient absorbed by corals and anemones. It enhances green colouring. For marine plants, iron is essential in respiration and photosynthesis processes. Dosage: 1 drop per 100 litres...

Aquaforest Iodum

Aquaforest Iodum Aquaforest Iodum supplement containing concentrated iodine. In marine aquariums, iodine is crucial for the general cell functioning and the transfer of nutrients between them. Iodine is constantly consumed by tank inhabitants, therefore, without supplementation its level drops...

Nyos Active Strontium 250ml

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Nyos Active Strontium 250ml NYOS ACTIVE STRONTIUM solidifies the crystalline skeleton structure of your corals. PRODUCT DETAILS NYOS ACTIVE STRONTIUM solidifies the crystalline skeleton structure and has a strong growth promoting effect on your corals. Trace elements have an...

Red Sea Coral Colours ABCD - pack (4 * 100ml)

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Red Sea Coral Colors ABCD - pack (4 * 100ml) RedSea has added new trial pack versions to its renowned Reef Care Program, which provides hobbyists of all levels the opportunity to control and enhance the growth and colouration...

Aquaforest Kalium

Aquaforest Kalium Aquaforest Kalium Supplement contains concentrated potassium. It’s an important element for correct neurological functions. Kalium promotes pink and red colours of SPS corals. For soft corals, kalium plays an essential role in the transportation of coral nutrients...

Aquaforest Strontium

Aquaforest Strontium The supplement contains concentrated strontium. Strontium, besides calcium and magnesium, is the one most important trace elements in natural seawater where its concentration is about 8ppm. It is strongly assimilated along with calcium in both the coral...

Nyos Pure Iodine 50ml

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Nyos Pure Iodine 50ml NYOS PURE IODINE is available immediately and contains concentrated, elemental iodine for maximum iodine supply in coral tanks with many stone corals, molluscs, xenia, or cespitularia. Trace elements have an important function as essential building...

Nyos Active Iodine 250ml

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Nyos Active Iodine 250ml NYOS ACTIVE IODINE particularly emphasizes the blue hue of your coral. PRODUCT DETAILS Trace elements have an important function as essential building blocks of life. Natural sea water contains approx. 70 different trace elements. If...