Nyos Biological

Biological reef aquarium additives, formulated by Nyos to control nutrient levels.


Nyos Zero 250ml

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Nyos Zero 250ml NYOS ZERO allows you to reduce nitrates and phosphates by biological means to the detection limit. The result is a pure, natural aquarium milieu with strong corals and lively fish. Reduction of nitrates and phosphates by...

Nyos Bio Booster 250ml

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Nyos Bio Booster 250ml NYOS BIO BOOSTER is a well-formulated Nutrient solution with more than 90 ingredients. PRODUCT DETAILS BIO BOOSTER biologically reduces nitrite, nitrate and phosphate. In addition, your corals can use the resulting biomass as particulate nutrition....

Nyos Bac 10ml

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Nyos Bac 10ml Highly concentrated, nutrient degrading bacteria strains for marine aquariums. Biological reduction of phosphates and nitrates Reduces the formation of algae, detritus etc. Much shorter break in period Ideal in combination with NYOS ZERO Stabilises the tank...