Nitrate Reducer Media


Juwel Nitrax

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Juwel Nitrax Juwel Nitrax reduces nitrate levels in your aquarium, leading to a considerable reduction in algae growth. Nitrax is a biological filter on the containing specialist microorganisms to break down poisonous metabolites (ammonium/nitrite) in your aquarium, thus reducing...

JBL ClearMec plus

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JBL ClearMec plus Filter media to remove nitrite, nitrate and phosphate from the aquarium water Removal of nitrite, nitrate and phosphate from the aquarium: filter medium for the use inside aquarium filters To use: the material is already packed...

JBL NitratEX

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JBL NitratEX Filter material for the rapid removal of nitrate from the aquarium water. 250 ml (170 g) bind 900 mg nitrate. Prevents and eliminates unwanted algae: filter material for the use in aquarium filters for the rapid removal...

JBL BioNitratEx

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JBL BioNitratEx Biological filter material for the removal of nitrate Biological filter material which is degraded by bacteria to remove algae-promoting nitrate from freshwater and marine water Just add filter material to internal or external filter and only refill...