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New Coral Shipments In Store Now

New Coral Shipments In Store Now

We have had a massive direct shipment of 30 boxes of coral come in this week. That equates to over 800 individual colonies in total, comprising of over 200 different species. These have been spread evenly between our three stores meaning over 250 colonies in each store's tables. All of our corals come in to a 10 minute dip in CoralRX coral dip solution on arrival, before being moved in to our stock tables. All of our tables are run on LED lighting, either Gen 4 EcoTech Radion xp30 pros, Al Hydra 52 HDs, Maxspect RSX Razors or TMC V2 Luminaire lighting, all with fully programmable flow settings. We have a pretty even mixture of soft corals, LPS species and SPS corals on this latest shipment, so hopefully something for every reef keeper. There have been some particularly stunning Pocilloporas at £39.99 come in, with some really stunning colour, as well as some very nicely coloured Symphyllia for those who would like something less demanding. Keep an eye on your local store's facebook page (each stores facebook link can be found on their own page, which is in the tabs at the top of the home page of our site) for stock photos and updates on availability. Or pop in to your local store, if you want any advice on husbandry, or suitability for your set up.


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